Kyon Ferril headshot on white background.

Kyon Ferril

Kyon Ferril is an artist, writer and organizer. And he’s a former immigration detainee who has faced indefinite detention and double punishment in Canada and held over three years (39 months) in immigration detention. #1000336145 is a beautiful handscripted chapbook self-published in 2016 where Kyon passionately writes on his relationship to belonging, contextualizing the precarity experienced as a former immigration detainee. Through a collection that offers tender reflections on his transformative relationship to hope, Kyon explores justice, dreamwork and consciousness raising within community. Kyon is in the short list of the Jack Layton Progress Prize.

You can read, three of Ferril’s published poems at State of the Arts. (2021, June 28). NFA Column: Three Poems by Kyon Ferril