Headshot of Ra’anaa Yaminah with her hand by her face.

Ra’anaa Yaminah

Ra’anaa Yaminah is a multimedia visual activist whose practice extends between N’Swakamok (Sudbury, ON) and Tio’tia:ke (Montreal, QC). Their work explores theintersection of art and activism, particularly contemplating the entanglement of Black culture, identity, community, and futurity. Co-founder and Chair of Black Lives Matter Sudbury, Ra’anaa strives for an active decolonization of every facet of their life supporting calls to defund the police, abolish the prison industrial complex, and for liberation in our lifetime. A cultural curator on a quest for adventure, Ra’anaa holds a master’s degree in architecture and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Art History.


The Emergence of Black Art and Activism in N’Swakamok