Close-up of Janine Carrington in her kitchen.

Janine Carrington

Janine Carrington is an artist born in Toronto Ontario Canada who specializes in illustration. Taught the basics of drawing at an early age by her father she continued her artistic education at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. From high school she was accepted into one of Canada’s most respected post secondary visual arts institutions: Ontario College of Art and Design. There she spent five years working in various disciplines including drawing and painting, film and video, new media and printmaking. She spent her last year of college in Italy being exposed to the old masters. After graduation she spent four years alternating between working and traveling to countries such as Japan, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago, and most extensively Brazil. It was a church facade in Sao Paulo adorned with only black saints that solidified her dedication to make art that showed the competent, the beautiful, the composed and the carefree black figure. Most recently she works with traditional publishers and self publishers to create children’s literature and comic books. She is also the creator, writer and illustrator of a graphic novel series called Everything is Wonderful.