Medium length portrait of Chason Yeboah-Brown.

Chason Yeboah-Brown

Chason Adjoa Nana Yeboah-Brown (she/they b. 1991, Toronto) is a self-taught textile sculptor, doll maker and story-teller, exploring the oscillation of ancestral ritual through reconstructed, (un)woven and crocheted structures. Many of her works focus on shame, loss of identity, sexuality, the notion and practice of “self-love,” hybridity, energy transference, and acknowledgement of the human form, with a primary focus on marginalized humans. Her desire is to traverse the interconnectivity of these themes, and from those travels, be it through her inclusive dolls, personification soft sculptures, various workshops or “safe space” creations, provoke conversation and thought on communal awareness.




These crocheted dolls are a journey of self love.