These Are My Reparations Event

Jan 13, 2023 — Feb 11, 2023

Conceptualized by Kim Ninkuru, These Are My Reparations is a sci-fi*, multi-media installation that directly addresses the way in which Black feminine bodies are taken, used and distorted for mass consumption. This work uses a hybrid of film, sculpture, sound, and online interactive media. Wildseed hosted “Episode 3: Tik Tok on the Clock” where the Keepers Family are playing with their RadioHead.

Production Credits:
Produced by: Charles Street Video
Presenting Partner: Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism
Lead artist — Kim Ninkuru
Director of Photography and Editor — Roya Del Sol
Advisor — Kanika Gordon
Sound Artist — Tati au Miel
3D Artist and Web Designer — Adrienne Matheuszik
Supporting Crew/Production — Alexa Del Sol, Kourtney Jackson, Meeka Mclean, Olayinka, Jinmi-Ahisu, Yann Garcia, Yedijah Elizabeth Nzei Matobo

Funded by: Canada Council for the Arts


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